Femoral Head Osteotomy

The femoral head forms the ball portion of the hip "ball and socket" joint and acts as the hind limb's pivot point during locomotion. If this portion of the femur becomes diseased (hip dysplasia) or has fractured, it can result in an extremely painful and arthritic hip joint.

The femoral head osteotomy (FHO) procedure removes the diseased or fractured portion of the femur to help alleviate pain and increase quality of life for your animal. Once the femoral head has been removed, the hip socket develops scar tissue and allows the remaining femur bone to move freely without causing any pain created by bone on bone contact. After this scar tissue has developed the hind leg can regain its proper function.

This patient is suffering from hip dysplasia of the left hip in the pre-operative x-ray (the right side of the image).                     

In the post-operative image, the diseased femoral head has been removed preventing any future pain that would have been caused by the dyplasia.


For additional information regarding the home care instructions required after a FHO surgery, please click on the link below:

General Orthopedic FAQ's and Information

Visit our YouTube page by clicking on the icon located at the bottom of this webpage to access our post-operative physio videos.

*NOTE it is extremely important to follow your pet's discharge instructions and the rehabilitation program provided as closely as possible to ensure proper recovery. The exercises described in this package and in the YouTube physio videos should be performed in the order they are listed.


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