The cranial cruciate ligament is the primary ligament inside the knee that is responsible for the stability of the joint. This ligament prevents the forward and backward sliding of the femur on the tibia bone. This action is referred to as drawer motion. When a dog has a partial tear or ruptures the cruciate ligament this drawer motion causes inflammation which results in the joint being very painful. If not stabilized, the joint can become dramatically arthritic over time.
The TPLO procedure neutralizes the effect of this drawer motion. A circular cut is made in the top of the tibia and the smaller portion of the bone is rotated to reduce the slope of the top. A special bone plate is used to hold the two bone segments together. Over time and rehabilitation the bone segments grow together and the joint becomes stable again.

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Dr. Todd Scott has been certified to perform this TPLO procedure since 2004. He has since completed this surgery on hundreds of his own clientele as well as patients that have been referred to him from several different veterinary practices throughout Alberta.

For more information regarding the home care instructions and rehabilitation exercises required after a TPLO surgery, please click on the link below.

TPLO Home Recovery Program

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