Isometric Cruciate Ligament Repair

The anterior (cranial) cruciate ligament is located in the knee and its primary function is to stabilize the knee joint. Its rupture results in instability of the knee joint causing the knee to slide in a backward and forward (drawer) motion. This movement causes inflammation of the knee joint and is extremely painful. If this inflammation is left untreated, it will lead to degenerative osteoarthritis. In order to stop this inflammation and minimize the progression of osteoarthritis, surgery is required.

This surgery involves a lateral isometric stabilization technique, joint exploration, and cartilage evaluation. The overall prognosis for normal limb function is good to excellent, depending on the degree of arthritis initially present in the joint prior to surgery.

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*NOTE it is extremely important to follow your pet’s discharge instructions and the rehabilitation program provided as closely as possible to ensure proper recovery. The exercises described in this package and in the YouTube physio videos should be performed in the order they are listed.