The bitch is different from other species in that her reproduction is dependent almost entirely on progesterone. She cycles every 4 to 12 months (average 6) and generally runs 3 weeks in duration. Ovulation occurs in estrus (standing heat) which can happen anytime during the entire heat cycle, though usually around day 7 through 10. Behaviour and even vaginal cytology does not always correlate perfectly, so the only guaranteed way to predict ovulation is by blood progesterone or luteinizing hormone (LH) evaluation.

A blood sample is collected at approximately day 5 to 7 of the heat cycle and serial blood draws are collected every 2 days until confirmed ovulation (based on progesterone levels). Breeding should occur 48 – 72 hours after ovulation.

Please note, this is a rough timeline as every bitch experiences different heat cycles and each individual’s ovulation time may vary from heat cycle to heat cycle. For a more personalized breeding schedule, please contact us at (780) 444 -7550.

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