Canine Rehabilitation Services

Canine Rehabilitation

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    Orthopedic trauma
  • Veterinary Rehabilitation embraces a range of advanced therapies for the restoration of physical function and condition in your canine companion or athlete. These therapies can be used in dogs (and cats) who have undergone surgery, experienced injury, or suffered disease causing loss of function or mobility including:
  • Spinal and neurological injuries
  • Post surgical care and recovery (knee surgery, back surgery, ligament repair)
  • Muscle strains and tendonopathies
  • Geriatric care and pets with chronic pain
  • Degenerative Joint Disease/Osteoarthritis
  • Weight loss
  • Athletic conditioning

Rehabilitation services at Crestwood Veterinary Centre:

  • Amy Honeychurch, RAHT, Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP) - Comprehensive physical assessment, treatment, and development of home exercise programs
  • Therapeutic Laser Treatments- used for pain, inflammation, and tissue healing
  • Therapeutic and Medical Massage
  • Dr. Jennifer Webster, DC - certified in dogs, cats, and horses
  • Electrical Stimulation (TENS, NMES, IFC)
  • Thermotherapy and Cryotherapy
  • Manual therapy to increase joint range of motion
  • Therapeutic Exercise - strength training, cardiovascular and core conditioning, stretching, etc
  • Neuromusclar re-education
  • Mobility aids - wheelchairs, support harness




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